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Sandy Sampson

Sandy Sampson

New Jersey-based writer Sandy Sampson is an award-winning computer industry analyst, entrepreneur, published author, and former senior editor and managing analyst at McGraw-Hill. With degrees in English, business, and computer science, and studies in sociology and the arts, Sandy brings a broad perspective to InfoSpin® projects.

Whether your medium is print or electronic, your scope a single page or a complete book, or your audience one or many, Sandy can help you find the right words and approach to conveying your message.

Sandy's gift for simplifying the complex is reflected in the wide range of topics on which she has written – software, business intelligence, disaster recovery, fault-tolerant computing, renewable energy, and many other business and industry topics. Her employer and InfoSpin customer list includes Akoya, Business Objects, CA, EMA, Gartner, GE, John Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill, and SAP, among others.

Business and Publishing History

Prior to founding InfoSpin, Sandy held management and technical roles at General Electric's Government Electronic Systems Aerospace Division (now Lockheed-Martin) and McGraw-Hill's Datapro Information Services Group (now part of Gartner).

While at McGraw-Hill, Sandy mentored writers and analysts, wrote and edited content, and managed product direction. Sandy won McGraw-Hill's prestigious corporate award for Distinguished Achievement in New Product Development for her role in developing the company's Client/Server Analyst product.

Sandy authored Unicenter TNG For Dummies, a technical book about CA's widely used systems management software. She co-wrote a mini "For Dummies" book on fault-tolerant computing. Her writing has been published in magazines, newspapers, and technical journals, as well as in proprietary publications.

Sandy can be reached at or (856) 797-8783.

Brainbench Certification in Technical Writing--Top 1 Percent
Brainbench Certification: Master Level Business Writing--Top 5 Percent

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