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Words have the power to amuse, offend, excite, inspire, and transform. How we say things may be as important as what we say.

My strengths as an editor include simplifying complex text and transforming dry business and technical information into content your audience wants to read.

With keen awareness of the power of language, combined with careful attention to your goals, I help you to shape your message into clear, effective, and even transformative communications.

Editing Services

At InfoSpin, I provide a full range of editing services, from simple line editing for grammar and style to substantive editing. I review documents for content, tone, and adherence to corporate style and commonly used style guides. Substantive editing may include rewriting and reorganizing portions of text.

I also provide developmental editing services, giving you suggestions on content, direction, style, language, and layout. My editorial mentoring services include giving your writer and staff detailed feedback to help shape and improve their own writing and editing capabilities.

Writing and Analysis Services

As InfoSpin principal and in other roles, Sandy Sampson has written hundreds of reports on a broad range of business and IT topics.

I enjoy taking on diverse projects. Some of my favorite writing, editing, and research projects include:

  • Synthesizing a 34-page report into a 2-page executive summary for the United States Congress
  • Writing a letter on behalf of a Cabinet member to the United States Congress
  • Writing a full-length "For Dummies" book, and editing and rewriting smaller "For Dummies" books on software products and concepts
  • Compiling, editing, and writing a fundraiser cookbook for benefit of a wildlife refuge
  • Engaging in custom research projects, which includes interviewing customers, partners, and vendors, analyzing data, and reporting results
  • Writing, editing, and updating marketing collateral, including case studies, impact briefs, product profiles, white papers, newsletters, solution slides, thought leadership papers, and business video scripts for IT, consulting, and information analysis firms
My experience encompasses a wide range of writing and editing projects, including:
Advertising copy
Book-length projects
Business and technical writing and editing
Business plans
Business transformation studies
Company and product profiles
Competitive analysis
Customer success stories
Disaster recovery plans
Editorial mentoring
Market study and analysis
Positioning papers
Strategic planning and analysis
Thought leadership, value proposition, and white papers
Video scripts
Web content

Apply Style Guides

InfoSpin adjusts tone and style to suit your requirements, using the appropriate style guides, such as The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook, the Chicago Manual of Style, and the American Psychological Association (APA) publication manual, among others.

InfoSpin can develop a custom style guide to meet your particular needs. Additionally, I can work with your editorial and design teams to create layouts and templates that best showcase your projects.

Request Writing Samples

Much of the work InfoSpin produces is proprietary. Contact Sandy Sampson directly to request a writing sample that is relevant to your needs.

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