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Sandy Sampson


Writing, Editing, Research, and Analysis Services

InfoSpin® came into being in 1996, after I'd served time in the corporate world in a variety of roles – notably working as a software engineering support specialist and leader at RCA and GE for about 10 years; and then as a computer industry analyst, writer, and managing editor at Datapro/McGraw-Hill for 7 years. My education in the arts, computer science, and business, combined with my versatile work experience, has served me well in providing unique perspective and grounding for research, analysis, and writing assignments.

My initial vision for InfoSpin was to provide research, analysis, writing, and editing services to companies who sought a relatively inexpensive alternative to the big research firms (such as Gartner, which acquired Datapro; IDC; and others). I know how to write case studies and white papers; interview customers and report on how they are using a company's products; and juxtapose competitors and their respective markets. I landed a few lucrative long-term gigs with software companies and consulting firms, and subcontracted other writers to help me keep up with demand along the way.

As InfoSpin evolved, I focused more on providing freelance analysis, writing, and editing services in collaboration with analysts and writers from established research and consulting firms. Additionally, I nurtured relationships with companies who appreciate top-quality writing and editing services.

Caregiving obligations have pulled me away from full-time work. Now, I typically work at a part-time pace – about 20 hours a week – providing substantive editing services to a top-tier software firm, and taking on interesting side projects.

It's hard to resist editing. I'm good at it, and I like the challenge of improving other people's writing.

So – if you need an outstanding editor for your business and technical writing – contact me.

Cheers and best wishes,

Sandy Sampson

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