All photos are by Sandy Sampson, unless otherwise noted.

Sunflower Field of Dreams, North Dakota, August 2005
Montana Sunset, August 2003
Robin in Holly, Winter 2004
Summer Harvest 2006
Glen Sampson


I bought a digital camera for my husband for his birthday a couple of years ago. I think he's taken about 100 pictures to my 10,000! So -- I guess that means it's "our" camera. Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favorite photos. Click on the thumbnail images to see full-size pictures.


We were very excited to adopt a dog this summer. Chloe is a 3-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. Very friendly -- and petite at about 90 pounds (we know a 10-month old male Berner who weighs in at 105; and we've heard about an adult male who weighs in at 145. That's a lot of dawg!). She terrorizes our cats, our wild rooster (pictures of him to come), and ignores the squirrels. It's great having a dog again. I grew up with collies, and Glen had labs. Chloe is a good compromise.

It's hard to get her to sit still. I finally wised up and used the "action" setting, so the photos aren't a complete blur! One of Chloe's favorite activities is chasing Duke the wild rooster (more about him below).
Chloe is not a "show quality" Berner -- but she's just fine with us. A show quality dog would have four white ankle socks and a tail that looks like it's been dipped in white paint.

Duke the Wild Rooster

Duke showed up about three Springs ago -- isn't he a handsome boy? Unfortunately, he likes to serenade the neighborhood all night long. Much as I like the little guy, we decided it would be better for his happiness and our sleep habits if we moved him to a less populated area -- and to a place where he will have a better chance of meeting a chicken!
Here is a picture of my patient husband trying to lure Duke into a cat carrier. Duke hasn't survived three years on his own for nothing -- he's pretty smart for a bird brain! It took three grown men with nets to capture Duke. Who needs TV for amusement?
This is a picture of Duke's first day at his new home on a horse farm, making friends with Sandy (the horse). He should be a happy boy once the hen arrives. Meanwhile, his horse buddies will keep him company, and he doesn't have to worry about Chloe chasing him anymore.

November Hike In The Pine Barrens

In November 2003, I joined some senior friends for a hike along the Dot and Brooks Evert Memorial Nature Trail off of Ong's Hat Road in Pemberton, NJ. We'd had a lot of rain a day or two before, so parts of the trail were impassable. Most of us wore mucking boots, so we managed to traverse about a third of the trail.

These are pictures of leaves on water. I like how you can see the forest reflected in the water. Also, I like how the branches dip in the water to create little ripples.

I love the color of moss. The picture at left shows the sky and trees reflected in the water surrounding the moss. The picture at right is of a fallen oak with the moss just getting started.

A couple of hardy hikers make their way through a flooded trail. Rather than wade through the water, I circumvented most of the water by carving a path to the left. The picture at right captures the blue, blue sky of a lovely November day in the pines.

Views Of A Lake In The Pine Barrens

The pictures below were taken at dawn (L) and in the evening (R). In both cases I had the flash off.

In the picture at left, the lake is lowered for a winter freeze (to discourage weed growth). You can see the channel curving along a bank of snow. The sunrise picture is a little blurry but still pretty.

The one at right gives you a sense of how dark the pines can be at night. This picture was taken in early evening when the moon had just risen and before the sunlight had completely disappeared.

Autumn In The Pine Barrens

Autumn is spectacular in New Jersey. Many people think the Pine Barrens is composed only of gnarly old pine trees, but it's really made up of a mix of flora and fauna, including oak and maple trees, blueberry bushes, ferns, and colorful vines (poison ivy and Virginia creeper, both of which turn red in the fall).

This picture was taken in my back yard. A bluebird house stands in the bottom left quadrant of the picture. Unfortunately no one told the bluebirds it was designed for them! Cardinals and chickadees have nested there.

New York, New York

Earlier this year I had a blast trekking up to NYC to attend an auction of Jackie Kennedy's stuff at Sotheby's auction house. My friend was delighted to obtain a piece of Camelot at an exorbitant price, and we celebrated by dining at Café des Artistes on the upper west side of Central Park. After lunch, we soaked in the sun and the Christo exhibit, and eventually ambled over to The Plaza for a Cosmo before heading home. Yummy! For $64 for 2 drinks each (hey, we were cabbing it), they ought to be good. What a life!

The Gates at Central Park, NYC, 15 February 2005

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